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How To Bind:
1. Insert the bind plug into the channel labeled "BIND" and power up the receiver.
2, set the throttle and control surface failsafe protection (recommended to set the throttle to a minimum, all the control surface is set to the middle position). Press and hold the bind button and turn on the remote control.
3, the frequency of the receiver LED flashes will change from fast to slow. A few seconds after the end of the binding, the receiver's LED will always be on. All failsafe protection settings are successful.
4. Remove the bind plug from the "BIND" channel. Re-power the receiver and all channels are working properly. To test the failsafe protection feature, roll the lever to the corner and turn off the control. The control surface and throttle will return to the original position where the failsafe was set.

nel video che tra l'altro il titolo è
How to Assembling RC Tiger Moth Biplane - Balsa Wood Airplane
non c'e questa parte perche lo ha gia bindato
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