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tra poco compreremo nel negozio ...magari vicino casa, Hobbyking ha aperto al franchising,cosi non dobbiamo soffrire nell'attesa che arrivi il nostro pacchettino...
riporto il testo dell'email che ho ricevuto...

Get ready for the HobbyKing Store Front
This photo [left] was taken by a customer last night.
And here is what HobbyKing's Director has to say about it;

In an ever increasing effort to drive more value into the R/C market HobbyKing has begun piloting retail store franchises in select regions around the globe, underscoring HobbyKing's commitment to the R/C industry.
Each store will retail both HobbyKing and other branded products and will also serve as a service center for warranty and technical support.
Products sold online can be serviced in-store as well as sent back to your local service center.
At a later stage 'HobbyKing Store Front's will be filling local internet orders and pre-ordering requested items from any one of HobbyKing's warehouses locally and abroad.
We hope that the HobbyKing Store Front network combined with increased service levels and a 24hr support desk (ETA May-15) will improve quality of service and ultimately customer satisfaction.
We will let you know via email the moment a store opens in your region, in the meantime if you have a local store that you would like to see carry our products please tell them to email us at

Anthony Hand

Si, ma basta guardare i prezzi di turnigyitalia per continuare a preferire l'originale HK

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